Saturday, December 18, 2010


Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) :

It is one of the largest steel producing companies of India. Founded in 1954.Head quarter: Ispat (meaning: steel) Bhawan. SAIL is a public sector company, owned and operated by the Government of India.

Stamp Issue Date:February 3rd,2009 (completing 50 years).

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Uttam Kumar the greatest actor was born as Arun Kumar Chatterjee .He was  also a director and producer of Bengali cinema.He was the first ever recipient of the National Film Award for Best Actor for his mind blowing acting in Anthony Firangee and Chiriyakhana in 1967.

Uttam Kumar

Here is a list of few of his cinemas of many movies :

·         Sharey Chuattar(1953)
·         Agni Pariksha(1954)
·         Saheb Bibi Goam(1956)
·         Prithibi Amare Chaay(1957)
·         Harano Sur(1957)
·         Pathey Holo Deri(1957)
·         Marutirtho Hinglaj(1959)
·         Nayak(1966)
·         Chiriyakhana(1967)
·         Chhotisi Mulakat(1967)
·         Anand Ashram(1977)
·         Ogo Bodhu Sundari(1981)